Stewart Phillips

Stewart Phillips was born in Aberdeen, USA to Scottish parents.  With his twin brother Alistair he had a traditional upbringing which ended when they went to different universities. Alistair’s interests lay in financial matters while his was technical. He became a computer programmer and moved onto new technology that involved him moving to Washington at the same time as Alistair made the same move to New York. They were together for the first time in many years. The projects that Stewart worked on interested several foreign countries which involved him in situations which were not to his lik

Stewart Phillips has been part of a team of people working to develop a secret system that is part of the avionics in commercial aircraft. When he discovers that someone has hacked into the programme and access has been denied to the team of software developers, the President of the United States has to be informed. The CIA set in motion a plan that backfires and Stewart is kidnapped and forced to work with a terrorist group who have plans to use the system to threaten world governments and further the aims of the Islamic nations. Stewart has to prevent this system from becoming a fearsome weapon.

An almost science fiction incident happens which could have devastating consequences for mankind. It is discovered by accident when a volcanologist carries out routine observations of a new volcano. He discovers hundreds of mysterious spheres in the sea close to the volcano. Very quickly he becomes aware of the danger they bring and realises that they could eliminate human life. He is forced to admit to himself and others that there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. His final realisation is that the dinosaurs had their time on earth and humans are now faced with the same situation.

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