Tom Copeland

Tom Copeland was brought up in one of New York’s toughest districts which gave him a good grounding for life in a big city. His frequently drunk father was little help when he started his working life as his mother was obviously afraid of her husband. Tom’s involvement with the CIA brought him into contact with the higher echelons of justice which probably rescued him from a lifestyle that would have been similar to his fathers. Only time will tell if he will realise his full potential and make his mark in the CIA

Tom Copeland is faced with a major problem. Fires have broken out at key places throughout the United States and he quickly discovers that there could be as many as two thousand. The effect on the economy is dramatic; it appears to be an act of terrorism while Tom is cautious about making such a claim. Public life is affected as America’s largest companies are seen to be in trouble and in need of financial support. Tom’s opinion is that the United States is at war, an economic war and predicts that it will take many years for the United States to regain its former position in world affairs.

A massive thunderstorm over the Rocky Mountains has set off a chain of events that could result in a missile attack on Russia and China to threaten world peace. CIA agent Tom Copeland arrives in Colorado Springs on an unrelated routine investigation and is met by a young attractive local agent Nancy Peters who leads him on a journey that crosses the country and ends in Washington.

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