James A Jones is a native of Cheshire, England where he lives with his wife Dot, two sons, three grandchildren and a great grandson. He has competed in motorsport events for many years and is a pilot. During the last twenty years he has written many books, mostly fiction except for a non-fiction about the Dakar Rally. He is well travelled having spent time in more than eighty countries with his wife. She has written an account of those experiences which is now published as ‘Journeys with Jim’ . There are two versions, the Kindle version is without photographs and the paperback version has more than six hundred images.

In this book she has attempted to collect together some of the adventures, experiences and incidents that have taken place during over fifty years of travelling together. We often spent time swapping tales around campfires or at happy hours and some of the other campers would comment that it would seem that we had a lot more tales to tell. The suggestion that some of these stories should be put into print for other people to enjoy seemed like a good idea at the time. Deciding how to record a selection of events that had occurred on our many journeys together was a difficult task. This book is not an alphabetical list of places to visit nor is it a list of suggested itineraries: other excellent guidebooks filled with all that kind of information are available. Rather she has chosen to group the stories under alphabetical headings, only then did she find that deciding which story should go where became an easier decision. Her wish is that the reader can travel along as we recall our journeys or can choose to dip into a chapter that is of interest. Hopefully she has not offended any of the people who may recognise themselves in some of the tales and that they will remember our meetings, however brief, with fondness.

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